New Logo!

Hitchcock EDC is excited to introduce our new logo.

HitchStat-02 HitchStat-01 HitchStat-03 HitchStat-04

While this has been a project in the making, we are proud that we can finally announce this transformation. Over the past year, the HEDC has moved to innovate our practices to meet ever growing changes in the market. We began this journey by shifting our enterprise’s name from the Hitchcock Industrial Development Corporation to the Hitchcock Economic Development Corporation because it enveloped our desire to bring more opportunity to our city alongside industrial projects. We then launched our new website with the purpose of providing the public an avenue to explore opportunities throughout Hitchcock and to engage with an open platform. We introduced our partnership with Zoom Prospector, which provides further insight, evolving data, property listings and many features that have allowed our services to grow over this past year. Now, we are excited to show off our latest development with the introduction of our new logo design. This new logo captures the changes we know are on the horizon for Hitchcock and we wanted to illustrate that through this design. 

What This Logo Represents

Our new logo represents the melding of Hitchcock’s past and present with an eye toward the future. One of the richest pieces of this city’s history relates to the old navy blimp base which housed numerous surveillance blimps whose purpose was to scout and protect our coastline during WWII. Today, the remains of that heritage can be seen throughout the city as four large pillars jutting into the sky, announcing Hitchcock’s presence. Those pillars are the remains of the blimp base which acted as giant door hinges for the structure itself.

We wanted our logo to embrace the history of our community and we believe we have achieved that. Hangar doorways with their doors removed and open to new growth, a blimp rising forward towards opportunity; we believe this captures the spirit of our mission at the Hitchcock Economic Development Corporation and our commitment to the city and citizens we serve.

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